Vent Hood System Cleaning

Any place that cooks food commercially should have their kitchen hood system cleaned sometimes refers to as kitchen exhaust cleaned on a regular basis as specified by NFPA 96 and other local codes. This includes, but is not limited to, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, churches, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, military bases, theaters, jails, prisons, race tracks, theme parks, bowling allies, convenience stores, and truck stops.

How the Kitchen Hood System Works:

Grease from your commercial cooking operation is intended to be captured by your hood and exhausted through the baffle filters, into the plenum, up the grease duct, then through the fan and into the air or captured by a grease tray beneath the fan. Routine hood cleaning/kitchen exhaust cleaning, as outlined by NFPA-96 guidelines, will keep all these areas free dangerous grease build-up preventing fire hazards from ever existing!

Our Process:

Pro Duct Cleaning will clean your entire vent hood/kitchen exhaust system which includes scraping, degreasing and pressure washing of the build-up of grease on the following areas:

Pro Duct Cleaning will provide professional services.

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